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Referral Management Services

If you or another member of your dental team need to make a referral this will now be arranged through the Dental Referral Management Service (DRMS). The DRMS is a service managed by a group of dental specialists many of whom are NHS Consultants. Our purpose is to make sure that your patients get seen by the most appropriate provider in the shortest possible time. The service has been designed to be easy to use, we have a range of resources and information to help you.  The service helps deliver the new NHS Dental Pathways.


You can refer patients in a number of different ways – by far the easiest, and quickest, is using our online service. If you would like to learn more about this there is a simple introduction video above, and you can fill in a simple form to get started here.

Who looks at the referrals?
Referrals are viewed by trained administrators.  Each has undergone extensive training in information governance, patient confidentiality and risk management. They will check the required elements of the forms are completed – for example medical history, GP details etc.  If these are not completed they will be returned to you.  By using online referrals it is a quick and simple process to update and return.

Do I need to have an NHS NET address?
If you wish to submit referrals by email you will need to have an NHS NET address.  This will enable you to complete PDF forms, attach radiographs and send to our secure NHS NET address. This is a requirement of HSCIC and is linked to the requirements of the IGTK. However, if you use our online system, an NHS NET address is not required.  No patient data is sent via email – simply a code to login.  This system is approved by HSCIS and is hosted on an N3 connected site approved for patient data.

How secure is the site
We use world leading security from Thwaite to encrypt data as well as being hosted on the Connecting for Health Approved hosting provider.

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