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Sign up here and within 48 hours you will be referring online, saving time and speeding up the referral process with instant submission

PLEASE NOTE: Each login requires a unique email address. If you have already signed up for a PReSS login (ie you are a provider), you will require a different email address for referring into the system and Vice versa. Only one login will be issued per practice and all users will utilise this.

Sign up to Online Referrals

Our online system is now available for all dentists to join.  It enables you to directly enter referral data into an online referral form and send it straight to our triage team.  The system is suited to practices that can upload digital radiographs or who can scan their original films (see scanners section for more information).  The system has a number of benefits  – see below.  If you are interested in joining the scheme please contact us and we can get you set up and ready to go. Practices that sign up to use the system will make a commitment to use this route of referral submission for all referrals apart from those requiring a scanned DPT radiograph. The system is practice based ensuring that all practice details are pre-populated in the forms requiring only the referrers name and GDC number to be completed.

PLEASE NOTE: The logins are practice and not person specific, therefore all users at a practice will use the same username and password but the codes to login can be sent to individual phone numbers.

CALL HANDLING: Please note if your practice utilises call handling (Press one for…etc) the system cannot use that phone number. Please provide mobiles and direct numbers only.

V Code: Your V code is your organisation code – this is typically the means by which you are identified within the NHS.

Please click here Then search for your practice postcode and under “Type” select “General Dental Practice” to find your V code.


There is a detailed online manual available here, which will guide you through the referral process and give you answers to many of the questions and issues you may experience. 

Here is a short video showing how the system works.

Benefits to practices

Data is entered directly – onto the system and the forms are condition – this means you only need to complete those sections of the forms that are appropriate for the referral.  It also means less rejections –  the forms will not enable a referral to progress if it doesn’t have the correct information.

Auto-populated fields – The system will automatically populate the fields with the required practice contact details and we are able to offer a postcode look up system for patient and GP addresses – this ensures accuracy and saves time.

Sample Radiographs
If you are testing the system and want some sample radiographs you can download these here

Speed – your referral will automatically be sent to the appropriate triager – and hence a decision is reached sooner. In our tests, referrals take around 2 minutes to complete and send to the triager.

Review – you will be able to log in and view all your active referrals and assesses their status quickly.

Rejections – data is live in the system so rejection handling is improved – just login, provide the additional data and resubmit your referral.

Apply here – dental practices only – patients should not register

CALL HANDLING or Extension numbers: Please note if your practice utilises call handling (Press one for…etc), an 0844 number or requires an extension number entering, the system cannot use that phone number. Please provide mobiles or direct numbers.

When you sign up to the service we store certain details about you, your practice and all the users associated with it.  You can read more about this in our Dental User Fair Processing Notice which explains what we do with these data.  We will also add you to our email list.  We will use this to send out very occasional emails on important matters related to the referral system and new developments.  There is a very simple unsubscribe link on the end of each these emails.

Sign up to Online Referrals

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    Non-dental clinical referrers cannot be given logins to the system and should email for assistance
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • For example, contract holder or practice manager
  • Your NHS organisation number (if you are a private practice please leave this blank)
  • This is the email address that information about your referral will be sent to, it will also be your practice username - if your referral is rejected for any reason notifications will be sent to this email address as will treatment updates. No patient data is sent to this email so it can be any one you like, for example GMail, Hotmail or a practice address. PLEASE NOTE - This email address needs to be unique to the practice (ie can be used for one login only). The login is case sensitive so however you enter this email will be exactly what your usernname will be

Please see this important information below in relation to the Data Processing Agreement that is required for GDPR compliance.

Data Processing Agreement

With the upcoming GDPR requirements there is a need for a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to be signed – this is an easy process and we will send you a signed copy to keep with your records.  You can read a copy of the DPA here and more information on the General Data Protection Regulations here.



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