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Guides and videos
Our videos and guides are aimed at supporting you throughout your referral and treatment process.


Taking care of your teeth

A short video from NHS England about caring for your teeth and the importance of good oral hygiene.

Information on mouth cancer

A helpful video on mouth (oral) cancer for patients - if you have any concerns don't forget to speak to your doctor or dentist for advice.

We have developed a range of guides for patients.  These cover general information about referrals and also guides on each of the individual dental specialities. Each guide explains a little about what you have been referred for and what to expect.  We have also developed a range of oral health and self care resources for you.


  • Patient Guide

    This is a general information sheet for patients regarding the referral process and explains the differences between primary and secondary care.

  • Cancer Referrals

    The referral management system doesn't handle cancer referrals, but this information is provided for patients by the NHS. Cancer referrals are sometimes called "Urgent Referrals" or "Two week wait" referrals.

  • General Patient Guide

    Another version of our patient guide to help you understand the referral process and the different types of provider that you might see.

  • Mouth cancer awareness

    A really informative guide provided by Leicestershire County Council - includes information on detection, self assessment tips and risk factors.

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