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Track a referral
This system enables you to check the status of a referral. You need to know the URN of the referral. This a 10 character alphanumeric code that your dentist will have provided you with or has been sent to you via text message


If you are viewing this on a mobile phone please scroll down the page and enter your Unique Reference Number (URN) in the box entitled: “Track a referral”

Your URN was generated by your dentist to allow you to track your referral. If the URN produces a “Not Received” notification – we have not yet received your form.

The system will report when the referral was received by the Referral Service, when it was triaged, what the triage decision was and where the referral was ultimately sent to.  Should there be any problems with the referral these details will be provided within the comments box.  No patient details are provided or stored on this system.

Sent to: GM – Accept for treatment, CWW Orthodontic Waiting List, YRK – Orthodontic Waiting List (NOTE: YRK is short for Yorkshire), Pennine Hospitals – Waiting List, Bolton Royal – Waiting List & Tameside General Waiting List (Also for Oldham residents) means that based on the information on the form, the referral is eligible for orthodontic treatment on the NHS – These are waiting lists and you cannot contact a provider at this time as your referral has not been sent to one.

Once on these accepted lists the referral is awaiting a space to become available at a primary care (High Street Specialist) orthodontist. When we reach the referral on the list it will be sent to a provider and their details will show on the tracking information.

Please note: the provider it is sent to ultimately decides if the patient is eligible for NHS orthodontics when they attend the assessment appointment.

There has been an increase in demand for orthodontic treatment recently which has resulted in an increase in patient waiting times across the whole of Greater Manchester & Cheshire and Merseyside.  As patients are triaged according to clinical need and age, this will result in some patients waiting longer than others.

 In addition, there could be a longer waiting time for  a named provider, however it is important to remember that requesting the soonest provider may result in longer journeys for appointments and this may not always be convenient and once a course of orthodontic treatment is started it is not possible to move to another provider.

Please see information from NHS England regarding the delay to Ortho referrals due to the lockdowns here

Any queries please contact the dentist who referred you.

  • Track a referral

    This system enables you to track a referral through the process so you know what the outcome is. In order to use this system you will need your unique reference number.

    This is a ten character code and looks something like this: SAL0057487.

    If you don't have a URN you won't be able to use this system; please email for more information.

If the referral states “With Triage” then one of our clinical team is currently assessing your referral.

If the referral states “Sent To” then your referral has been sent to the provider indicated –  If the provider you have been sent to is a hospital, the referrals are sent via secure email and we can only track it as far as the email going to them. The tracker will update no further from that point. You will need to contact them for more information on appointments and waiting times if required.(Please Note: The Referral Centre cannot provide this information; you need to contact the Provider directly)

If the referral states “Rejected” then we have returned the referral to your dentist for more information – Please contact them for additional details as the referral centre cannot give out clinical information.

If the tracking displays additional information like so:

24 Jan 2015, 20:24 – Provider received referral – This indicates that the referral has been passed into the providers system (please note, this does not mean they have opened or read it – Only that they can access it)

25 Jan 2015, 08:26 – Provider accepted referral – This indicates that they have read and accepted the referral and will contact you in due course for an appointment. 

Please note: The above details are examples and do not display data relating to the referral you are tracking.

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