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Dental Radiograph Scanner

Information on how to use the new online scanning application.

You will be able to adjust the contrast and brightness for the X-Ray scanner and capture the image (if you have a webcam attached to your computer you may need to change the video device in Step 1 to USB 2.0 Camera, X-Ray Camera or USB Video Device).

This will work on Google Chrome, Edge and Firefox. It may not work on Internet explorer as it is an older browser

If you wish to save your files with a filename or learn more about the software please visit this support page.  You can learn more about radiographs within the referral process here.

Live camera view

Step 1: Select your video device:

Step 2: If necessary, adjust brightness/contrast (note that the x-ray camera also has a brightness setting at the rear):

Step 3: Download the current frame:

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