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New referral system for NHS England, Midlands & East (Central Midlands)
Some information about the new dental referral management system that will be introduced from the 1st April 2016


This page contains information on the dental referral management system that will be introduced for oral surgery referrals from the 1st April 2016.  We will be updating this information on a regular basis so please check back for further news.

We have placed some introductory materials here for you, as well as some FAQ that you may find helpful.

A Local System

The system is locally driven, locally supported and will be integrated into the LPN and MCN’s for the area.  While the system originated in Manchester it is used in Essex, Thames Valley, Cheshire, Wirral and South London.  Each implementation is different and reflects the local clinical services and commissioning plans.  The system will utilise local clinical triagers for all decision making processes.

An Integrated System

We will shortly be inviting you to take part in a simple digital audit to ensure that we can integrate with any practice software that you use, making the referral process even easier.


We recently presented to the LDC liaison meeting and answered questions from the members.  See a copy of the presentation here and some of the questions that were asked below, as well as copies of the videos used. You can download a copy of the presentation if you wish.


Referral Management information for Patients

This video provides an overview on referral management for patients explaining the reasons for the process and how their referral will be handled.

How to refer online

A quick, two minute introduction on how to refer patients online quickly and easily

Track a referral

Both you and your patients can track a referral online - making the process clear to all parties. The tracker will also link to the Directory of Services so patients and referrers know the service providers details.


Do I Need an NHS NET address?

While an NHS NET address is preferred, and ideal for transferring patient data, its not required to use the online system.

Can I get my password via a SMS text message?

Yes we can send a message to your mobile, or via a phone call – its up to you and you can select as many numbers as you like.

Will this interface with R4 or EXACT?

Yes – you can transfer patient, practice and GP demographics from your practice software and either complete the referral live, or save it to the system to complete at a later date.  The system will send your patient (with their consent) an SMS text message with their URN.

What about radiographs?

You can upload your digital films directly to the system and they will be available for triager or provider use – meaning that more patients can be seen on a “see and treat” basis and reduce the number of radiographs required.  Our PACS system enables images to be securely shared between hospitals and community practices.

What about NHS Numbers?

Our system automatically adds NHS Numbers to the referrals so that they can be processed by secondary care quickly.  We will also let you know the NHS number for your records.

What about urgent cases?

If a patient has serious swelling, is systemically unwell or is in need of a urgent referral your usual pathways are available, but should be followed up with a referral form in due course.

Area: Central Midlands | Cheshire & Merseyside | East Anglia and Essex | Greater Manchester | Lancashire | Thames Valley | Yorkshire & Humber